Novel Tower

A little about the complex


The business center "Novel Tower" was created according to the project famous architect Zenon A. Zenonos and is the second tallest building in Larnaca, playing an important role in shaping the modern look of the city.
The atmosphere of the building, created by its excellent architect, is complemented by modern technical and planning solutions, excellent professional service that helps tenants to run their business efficiently, efficiently and with pleasure

Commitment to active management principles and many years of practical experience in office space maintenance provide a favorable and relaxed business atmosphere.

The business center is serviced by a team of highly qualified professionals who speak English, Russian and Greek.

Building managers will help resolve any administrative issues, while engineers, dispatchers and a technical team maintain and monitor all building systems around the clock.


Energy-saving soundproof facade

Silent elevators KONE

Individual ventilation and air conditioning systems

Sprinkler and other automated fire fighting systems

Operational and economic
service in bc

Video surveillance systems, alarm systems

Video surveillance and alarm systems, access by swipe cards

Landscaped surrounding area